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Traditional and effective Feng Shui tips and advice for the home and office, revealing many closely held secrets and authentic

For over 4000 years Feng Shui has always been held as a closely guarded secret revealed only to the very wealthy and has been used to help people prosper in different surroundings. Current Feng Shui is used to improve health, wealth, romance, careers, education and so much more. Find out how our authentic and traditional Feng Shui tips and advice can help you to enhance your home and office.

The year of the yang earth Dog Wu Xu 2018 is getting closer and we will be updating all these pages over the next few weeks so you can start preparing for the year of the Yang Earth Dog and you will find the Chinese astrology, flying stars, The Lunar Chinese New Year commences on the 16th February 2018 and the solar year starts on the 4th February 2018. You will so many Feng Shui tips and advice on how to make 2018 the best possible.

On the 4th February 2018, in every home, office, shop, and building all around the world, the annual Flying stars will change for the year bringing positive and negative influences into different compass sectors of buildings in every area...
CRYSTAL INDOOR WATER FOUNTAINS BY THE FENG SHUI STORE CRYSTAL FOUNTAINS The following three crystal fountains were designed exclusively for the Feng Shui Store by a local artist and craftsman. This not only adds to the value, it gives you a...

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