Feng Shui Gardening

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea working in the garden, personally I love to; I find it very relaxing and really enjoyable. The garden is often overlooked but it really is the key to good Feng Shui. If you think about it, what is the point of having the perfect home if the area around you is producing bad energy. All this energy comes into your home via your doors or windows, and if you have clutter and junk in this area this will be the energy your home will receive A tidy garden is a happy garden A good Feng Shui garden will help you attract nourishing, high quality Qi to your... read more
Feng Shui Garden
Annual 2016 Cures

2015 Master Cure
Wealth cures for 2015
With Chinese New Year 2015 just around the corner, it is a good idea to prepare your cures for the year of the Yin Wood Goat to make the most out of wealth in 2015. You can view all the 2015 Wealth Cures by clicking the link below


Feng Shui Christmas
Quick post for christmas
Just a quick post to say that we hope you are all taking precautions on the build up to Christmas as this is always a time of change in energy around homes and offices with a lot more activity.

Feng Shui Mirror

Framed images and feng shui
Feng Shui and the importance of picture frames
This may seem a strange subject and one that you would not think was related to Feng Shui but I can assure you that...


Tong Shu Almanac Feng Shui
Picking a wedding date
A wedding is a massive event and also a huge milestone in life and with all big events, it should be done as large and grand as you can afford to do. This day is very similar to Chinese New Year as you would spend the whole day as you mean to go on. There are certain should's = and shouldn'ts of your wedding.

Feng Shui Garden

Fu Dogs placement
Also know as guardian Lions, lion dogs, or temple lions. We consult on hundreds of homes and business each year and in my opinion 70% will have Fu Dogs either placed by the door or windowsills, I would also say that 50% are placed in the wrong order.

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Top 5 tips on using Feng Shui for better Relationships


Top 5 tips on using Feng Shui for better Relationships Below are 5 of the best tips I can give you to help strengthen and grow Relationships without a consultation from a Feng Shui Expert who will analyse your charts … read more

The use of mirrors (including ba gua mirrors) in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Mirror

“Life is like a mirror. If we frown at it, it frowns back. If we smile, it returns the greeting” Mirrors are important in Feng Shui and can be used as remedies and cures. They help Ch’i energy to move … read more