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Have you been suffering with a continued sickness, problems with the mouth, sore throats etc, bankruptcy, loss of wealth, legal problems, car accidents, accidents involving metal and just an overall feeling of bad luck?

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NY Firefighter”s Fund American Red Cross
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United Way

How do you start to describe the recent grotesque appalling events in the USA? No words can make me feel any better; so what words can make all those family’s and friends that have been left behind, most still waiting to be told some news of their loved ones, We are just so overwhelmed with grief and disbelief, how do you start a letter with words to show your sorrow, heartache, rage and revulsion.

My family was blessed not to be directly affected by these events with no loss of friends or family, this still does not protect us from the shock. I just hope and pray that you have also had the same blessing. A large proportion of our newsletter readers are from the USA and we have made many friends over there and the ones that are in New York, D.C. and Pennsylvania we have spoken to and we know are OK, apart from one that we are still waiting to hear from. As you know though, it wasn’t just American lives lost as you can see from the above picture, there were many from the UK and other nationalities. It is not just about the innocent people who lost their precious lives; it is harder now for the bereaved or injured that have been left behind, the grieving will last a long time, because history has been made, there will be many sad reminders for them.

May those who passed away, rest in peace, and our thoughts and prayers are now with those that have been directly affected, and for all of us that have been stunned and distraught, it really has affected the world all over, yet at the same time shown compassion and unity that warms the heart.

With deepest sympathy

Jo & family

I have included a list of links of resource, donations, and advice that may be of help to some of us and even a page that you can post a message to show your respect. a message)

To Give Blood: (Red Cross) (New York blood centre)

To Make Financial Contributions: (Red Cross) (United way) (Salvation Army) (A site with lots of links for help)

Help for children (Help for explaining these tragic events to children.)

The support offered from our newsletter readers has been incredible; we would like to thank everyone for all their e-mails and offers of support to some of the above organisations. In particular a very good friend of ours Fiona of Fat promotions for her kind offer to help update our main site with the recent disaster in USA, whilst our web designer has been on holiday. You must visit her site, you can download the most amazing free screen-saver I have ever seen, and her portfolio of work is very impressive. Regrettably we could not provide Fiona the access codes (we thought we had them, but it was the one to this site) to update the site, so we could not take advantage of her kind free unconditional offer.

Thanks again Fiona



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