Feng Shui and the effects of clutter
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Clear your clutter and clear your problems

Feng Shui and Clutter have a very close relationship with each other than most people would not expect although it is very much a fact that having clutter in your life can severely affect the energy of yourself and your home or business. There are many ways that Feng Shui elements can be introduced into modern life and for every person; their home or office is the ideal place to start.

In weighing up whether Feng Shui is right for you and if it’s affecting you, it can be helpful to think about clutter and its negative effects on you and your home. You may not realise that a cluttered home can have an impact on your home life, personality and even wealth. This is why introducing Feng Shui and limiting clutter can help create a more peaceful and abundant home.


A home that is cluttered will be draining, both visually and physically. If you look around at a busy room at your home or in any building, it is only natural that you will feel tired and can even lack motiviation, which of course, reduces the likelihood of taking action to remove the clutter from your home. Allowing this cycle to continue will see your home become even more cluttered and you will feel increasingly tired. This is why it is important to break out of this cycle. If you went to a car showroom to buy a car and the cars were all dirty and the showroom was filled with mess, chances are you will not feel as though you would like to do business there or feel very welcome and the same can be said for a home.


Having so much stuff around your home can make you feel that there is too much going on in your life. If life is starting to feel a little overwhelming, stop and have a look around. Do you see clutter everywhere you look at home? If you do, this may be contributing to your emotions. This is where taking the time to de-clutter your home will fill you with a sense of optimism. This action car racing games download is one of the overriding emotions people when they carry out a spring clean but you can benefit from this at any time of year. With Feng Shui, you need fresh Qi to flow around your home as much as possible and when the home is filled with clutter and mess, this can restrict the Qi and cause problems around the home so make sure that you clear as much clutter as possible to help the flow of Qi.


If you have a lot of clutter around your home, it may mean that you are spending your money on collectible items. At times this can be a wise investment and at times it can give you a lot of enjoyment and pleasure. However, if you fall into the trap of collecting for the sake of collecting, you may find that too much of your money is being spent on these items, leaving you short of funds at other times or for other activities. It is a good idea to take a look at the Annual Flying Stars to see how the stars for 2014 can affect your finances; you can view this by clicking here and also take a look at the May 2014 Monthly Updates for even more information

A cluttered home can lead to a cluttered life and many people in this situation will find that their life is out of control. Removing the clutter of a home and channelling energy in the right manner will help to provide focus and clarity in a person’s life. If you pare back in life and remove the clutter, you may find yourself in better positions to see the things that are going on around you and where you need to be in life.

Having a high level of quality and natural light and air will both contribute to allowing fresh Qi to flow around the home and lift spirits in general. These are essential for creating good Qi at your home, helping you to feel relaxed and at one. When it comes to minimising clutter and creating a positive atmosphere, natural light and air are of considerable benefit.

I will be spending this bank holiday weekend getting a load of boxes together and filling them with all my old rubbish that I have hoarded over the years and having a complete clear out of my home.

I hope you all enjoyed reading and hopefully this article has helped to motivate you as it did myself!

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