Doors and Feng Shui
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Feng Shui is not always about placing Buddha”s, Dragons and Toads, its also about concentrating on the essentials that are normally overlooked. Your main entrance door for your home and office is actually one of the most important areas of a property, it is where the main amount of qi comes in to the building and the quality of the qi is dependent on the condition of the area where the door is located which means your hall and driveway.

Michael teaches Feng Shui to hundreds and we post articles daily on our websites and Facebook, Twitter etc to people all over the world and sometimes we do not always practice what we preach but believe me, when it comes to doorways, halls, driveways etc our home and business is always kept impeccable, we replace doormats as soon as they start to fray, Doors, frame, paintwork and the area around our main door outside is cleaned weekly, brass door furniture is often polished when needed, hinges will be oiled when needed, The windows will be cleaned every two weeks.

Try to imagine that the front door to your home or office is your mouth, it is where the food (qi) enters the building and the cleaner the mouth (door) area, the better the quality of nutrition entering the building.

The problem with Feng Shui in this day and age is that it has been commercialised with thousands of books and websites stating that Feng Shui is an instant, one off, quick fix to all your problems with placing a Three Legged Toad, Ba Gua Mirror or a Dragon statue around your home and office and suddenly all of your life dreams and aspirations come true; sorry to disappoint you but if you placed your three legged Toad on top of all the dust in your hallway by the main door and you have not cleaned this area in a while, do not expect any amazing miracles, the energy of these symbolic cures and enhancers work with the environment they are placed, so a nice clean area will work a lot better.

Some tips and rules to follow when it comes to main entrance doors:

Entry doors can often cause bickering and arguing for the occupants which is why it is important to just use one door to enter and leave;, it is okay to use the other door if it leads to the garden and you want to access it or throw your rubbish away just try to keep it to a minimum when possible.

If you live in a home that has two or more doors but you can only enter through the main front one as it could be terraced or semi-detached, it is fine to use all the doors as the main entering and leaving the property will only be through one door.

2) Make sure the size of the door is in proportion to the size of the property. If the front door is too big, opportunities will slip you by and if it is too small, it can cause sadness within the household. If you feel your door is too big or small, it is a good idea to hang a faceted crystal sphere on the inside of the door.

3) Strictly speaking a solid front door is always preferable to a glass-panelled one. If you have a glass door do not worry as it does not mean that you will have bad Feng Shui, just hang muslin, voile or a similar cloth over the glass. Personally I prefer a glazed door as I prefer natural light so please do not concern yourself if you have a glazed door although you should really avoid glazed paneled doors like below as they represent a cutting energy.


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