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Feng Shui gardening
Feng Shui Gardening
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It’s not everyone’s cup of tea working in the garden, personally I love to; I find it very relaxing and really enjoyable. The garden is often overlooked but it really is the key to good Feng Shui. If you think about it, what is the point of having the perfect home if the area around you is producing bad energy. All this energy comes into your home via your doors or windows, and if you have clutter and junk in this area this will be the energy your home will receive

A tidy garden is a happy garden

A good Feng Shui garden will help you attract nourishing, high quality Qi to your home, as well as delight all your senses. The size of your garden is not the main criteria; I understand that it is wonderful to be surrounded by a big, lush garden but if you are limited in size in the garden, you can still create a good Feng Shui Garden by making the most out of the area wisely. You will need to know the Flying Stars for your home or the Annual Flying Stars as your garden is an extension of your homes Flying Stars. You will also need to understand the five elements theory and know how to strengthen each area to bring auspicious energy and suppress the inauspicious areas.

Introduce decorations and colours

Good garden decoration can be used as subtle cures such as an earth coloured statue. You should consult the Flying Star chart of your home or for the year and place the Cures in the necessary area. For example, a large metal round decorative ball in the northeast is a great cure for the Annual #5 Star in 2016. If you want to create a play area for your children in the garden, the west, east and southeast are good areas this year.

Wind chimes are a perfect Cure to place In a garden as their sound creates healing vibrations in the air. There is a variety of wind chimes that we sell on our website – from metal to crystal – with various symbols, colours and numbers of strings and rods. While each element of the wind chime design is important, the most vital part of the Cure is the quality of the wind chime as this is always a deciding factor for me (along with the sound, of course.)

Stay on top of maintenance

After the autumn season in particular, leaves start to accumulate which stagnates and stops the flow of Qi- so get the gloves on and remove them from your garden. If you have forgotten about a bucket that’s hiding behind something- check it! There could be stagnated water lying in there which can cause you many problems depending whereabouts it has been sitting. If there is stale water in there, you should try and dispose of it by tipping it down a drain which leads away from your home. When clearing up in the garden, make sure you clean every corner and crack properly. Any negativity should be cleaned away to allow new positive Qi to enter.

Your garden can be a perfect retreat in the stressful times we live in and with regards to Feng Shui, it is the Yang that balances the Yin, you can have the perfect Feng Shui house, if it is not balanced with your garden your efforts will be wasted. The reason for this is because with an untidy garden you will not get free flowing Chi and it will stagnate and this stagnant Chi will end up in your home.

One example I can give you is when a client emailed us a couple of weeks ago asking for advise on how they can enhance their relationship using Feng Shui as they were having a few problems. I emailed back asking what issues they were having, was there anything they had done differently and what their home compass direction was. Her reply was ‘As we have been fairly busy recently doing things as a family, we had forgotten about a big bucket of water at the back of our house, which we were going to throw away after clearing up the garden a couple of weeks ago. I can’t count how many problems John and myself are having.’ As soon as I read this I knew the problem. She gave me a compass direction of 346* which put the bucket of stagnant water in the southwest of their home. The stagnant bucket of water was affecting their relationship, causing them to argue with each other. I replied to her email asking her to carefully dispose the water into a drain which flows away from their house. She emailed me back 3 days later, telling me she didn’t realise how much of an impact a bucket of stagnant water could have on their lives and relationship. She also went on to tell me that since throwing it away, their relationship is better than ever.

Renovations, repairs and upgrades

If you are thinking about changing the way your garden looks such as putting decking down instead of grass or a new patio be aware of sharp angles, corners and columns. These can create what’s known as poison arrows. These angles redirect the energy funnelling it into a powerful thrust that transforms Qi into Sha energy. It is also vital to check the Flying Stars for the year and month to make sure you are not activating any negative areas with ground-breaking.

Certain types of plants are important in your garden and home; do not use cactus or plants that have spikes as they create aggression and tension. Plants with fat succulent leaves are very auspicious. Overbearing large trees at the front of the house are not good either always try and have them no higher than two thirds of your house.

Try and fill your garden with colourful plants all year round, they will attract good energy as well as looking great. Using herbs to create good health, wealth and longevity. The use of herbs in your garden not only adds colour and life they can have a powerful influence on your life. They also contain medicinal properties that have been used for centuries. Basil prefers to grow apart from other plants and is said to promote individual and good fortune in personal ventures, plant in the north area and do not use whilst pregnant. Jasmine lifts the spirits of depressed or those with marital problems, plant in the south-west to improve relationship or south-east to improve money luck. Lavender I love, not just for its healing and aroma properties but as a plant you can place it anywhere in your garden, below a bedroom window is great to promote better sleep. When I was pregnant with Olivia, the health visitors encouraged all us pregnant ladies to use lavender to help us relax not only during the 40 week wait for our babies but during the labour process too. At first I thought it was an old wives tail but it actually does help you relax and it 100% makes the labour process just a little bit easier.  Rosemary aids bad memory; plant it in the south-west to encourage remembrance. Do not use when pregnant or if you suffer with epilepsy, in fact always seek medical advice before using most oils.

What’s the quickest option?

Your garden should be treated the same as your home, keep your lawn trimmed, borders clear, patios clean, pay particular attention to your front door, make sure it is unobstructed and no paintwork is peeling on the door. Always clear blocked drains as these can have a serious effect on finances. Use trailing plants on edges of sheds or garden buildings to soften harsh edges, do not let them overgrow or block light. Hide your rubbish bins behind a screen if possible and do not have seating near them. If you have a BBQ have it in the south, South East or North East as it will stimulate the fire energy. Try and use your garden as a sanctuary you will be amazed at how much better you will feel after sitting in the sun or watching the wildlife.

I know I have got you all thinking, wondering if your garden needs a good tidy up… now spring is here it’s the perfect time to get the bulbs in and get the garden looking perfect for those relaxing summer evenings and BBQ parties with families and friends.

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