Ba Gua Mirror Placement
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You would be surprised at the amount of consultations that we have been to and found the residents have been told by a Feng Shui consultant or read a book or website advising to place a Ba Gua mirror inside their home to make their bathroom or other negative room disappear or some similar nonsense, what a load of codswallop. I cannot stress this enough, NEVER use a Ba Gua inside a home or office.

I don’t care who has told you and how they have justified it. You never ever use them indoors. There are circumstances that you can use them, they are special ones that you should not find on any website, we sell them but only to trained Feng Shui consultants.

The ones that we sell to the public are “before heaven Ba Gua mirrors” (see below) and these can only be used outdoors, they show the trigram with three straight lines at the top and they come with a hook at the top so they cannot be placed wrong. Be careful when buying them from other shops as we have seen the arrangement completely wrong and this can be dangerous.

The one you use inside is “after-heaven Ba Gua mirrors” and the arrangement of the Trigrams are completely different and can only be used by a trained practitioner.

Before Heaven Ba Gua Mirror to be used outside only.

When should I use a Ba Gua (Pa Kua)?

As I said if you already have one make sure the three solid lines are at the top. They are used to ward off sharp or pointing objects such as traffic, lampposts, objects pointing towards your home, roadway pointing at your home, corners of other houses pointing at you or anything that you feel is threatening.

Generally they are placed above or close to your front door or facing side of your home (if you would like more details on facing directions please visit this link, they can be hidden behind an object if you do not fancy explaining to neighbours or friends what it is. You should not have more than two; the front and back are normal.

The Ba Gua is extremely powerful and should be used with care and also respect for others, as when you hang one they deflect the bad energy onto the offending object. I have read books and websites that sell these recommending that they place them to deflect bad energy towards a bad neighbour, remember when you do this you make their situation twice as bad and please remember the laws of Karma.

We recently carried out a consultation for a Chinese restaurant in Kent and the Ba Gua across the road from one of their Chinese competitors was about 5 feet in size, now that is big, the average size is 4-6 inches. In Asia there are many tactics used to compete with other businesses, these can be a Ba Gua mirror with pointing arrows on it or a cannon, this will give very bad energy to the company it is pointing at.

You also never use a ba gua mirror that is made from plastic or similar material as these will never wear and show you when they should be replaced, generally you should replace them every year as they store a lot of negative energy and the plastic ones actually end up causing more harm than good.


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